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"I like to treat every client like they are my only client."

Why choose Ernest?

About Ernest

Ernest Ntanda is an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who is highly dedicated to serving his clients. He has served clients in Texas and globally including Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, and Russia. He has a successful track record of effectively representing clients’ interests and achieving results.

His highly experienced staff handles personal injury cases helping those injured by the carelessness of others in Texas.  

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Our Strategy

The staff has years of experience filing claims with insurance companies, property damage, policy limit assertions, and guiding the client through their treatment process. The firm passionately represents personal injury clients to get the compensation they deserve with a high level of personalized service. In addition to a reputation for excellence in handling complex personal injury cases, Ernest is experienced in handling business law matters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

The Ntanda Law firm is open 24 / 7 / 365 days a year.

Do I have to go into the office?

Consultations and full service can be provided over the phone or virtually. It is completely up to the comfort of the client. We are available to meet in person in our Galleria office.

What is a Free Consultation?

A free consultation means that you can consult with Ernest for free. You can share the details of your case with the Ntanda Law Firm at no charge and at no obligation to you. This initial meeting gives you the opportunity to see if you would like to move forward with the firm.

What types of accidents do you cover?

A wide range of accidents are covered – truck, car, motorcycle, pedestrian and bicycle accidents.

How much does it cost?

There are no upfront fees and the consultation is also free.You don’t pay anything unless we win.The firm works on a contingency fee which means that you don’t pay unless your case wins. This approach helps clients who can’t afford an attorney and/or don’t have money to put down up front. The amount the lawyer receives, known as the contingency fee, is paid from the money awarded after the case is won.

What makes you different?

At the Ntanda Law firm, I like to treat every client like they are my only client. Personalized care and service is very important to me.

Do you win cases?

I have successfully won several cases for people, families and communities in need. I have a good track record of dealing with and negotiating with insurance companies. I have settled cases against insurance companies for my clients to cover their medical bills and damages. My clients have been especially pleased with their outcomes.