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Ntanda Law Firm is a Personal Injury & Business Law firm that's dedicated to getting you the results, justice and compensation you deserve.

reliable & dedicated

your full-service personal injury & business law firm.

Always investing in client satisfaction while attaining the highest level of competence in my areas of practice.

reliable & dedicated

Redefining the industry with a new level of care.

Our philosophy is people first: The Ntanda Law Firm continues to elevate standards with our people-driven focus and quality of care.

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About Ntanda Law Firm

A Texas Personal Injury and Business Law Firm dedicated to getting you the results, justice and compensation you deserve. The Ntanda Law Firm strives to achieve success for clients, invests in client satisfaction and attains the highest level of competence in its areas of practice.

Personal Injury

If you were injured in an auto accident due to someone’s negligence, you are entitled to a fair settlement. My goal is to: help you get your property damage resolved, help you pay your medical bills, help you obtain compensation for your pain, suffering, and help you cover your lost wages. I will guide you through the insurance claim process.

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What Differentiates the Firm

ProtectING Your Rights

The firm protects your rights in an auto accident claim. These include your right to compensation for bodily injuries, possible future medical expenses, mental stress, PTSD, lost wages and other losses.


The firm keeps you informed throughout the case. Information will include how your claim is being processed, additional information needed from you, what the insurance company is offering and more.

Vehicle Repair

In Houston, having a reliable vehicle is absolutely necessary. Unlike most personal injury law firms, my firm offers a “Resolution of Property Damage.” The firm provides added resolution of your property damage claim without charging a fee.

Medical Treatment

Trying to find the right medical professionals for your injuries is stressful. The firm has a network of healthcare experts, ready to evaluate, treat and help you recover from your injuries. You save time, energy and gain peace-of-mind.

Understanding Your Claim

The firm helps you understand the types of claims you are entitled to. Auto accident victims may not realize they may be entitled to more than one claim.

customer service

Personal assistance is provided. Offering great support and the best customer service to clients.

Business and Corporate Law

At the Ntanda Law Firm, I represent corporate and business clients in various areas of law. I have several years of experience dealing with commercial, compliance and regulatory challenges faced by companies across multiple industries such as Energy, Technology, Telecommunications and Healthcare.

I provide practical and innovative solutions to facilitate transactions, mitigate risk and resolve disputes. I design and implement effective compliance and legal programs that help clients remediate risk and minimize losses. I offer my clients a personalized service and individual attention while pursuing their best interests.

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